Nick Nelson goes 110th after knee injury in pre-draft workout

Cornerback Nick Nelson was viewed as a mid-round pick earlier this month when he injured his meniscus during a workout with the Lions.

If you have a quarterback that’s as dedicated, and studies as much as Eli has, that’s the way it’s smart to function, because we’ll go out and run a few plays that he’s somewhat familiar with, and he can add something to it, Shurmur said.

Or he can say, ‘I’ve never really done this much, so it’s gonna take me a little longer, and that’s his way of saying (he doesn’t like it). And then you’re constantly communicating.

So when we get to Sunday in the fall, we’re doing the things that fit for us. Part of it also is who is he throwing to?

Ogbuehi was the 21st overall pick in the 2015 draft and rode the bench as a rookie before taking over at right tackle in 2016. He started 12 games and ended the year on injured reserve with a shoulder injury. He moved to the left side last year after Andrew Whitworth left as a free agent, but his play on both sides did little to suggest he’s a long-term answer.

If that should change this season, Ogbuehi will hit the open market next March with a shot to land a longer and/or more lucrative contract but will need to winning a starting job before that’s something to think about.

It gives you massive peace of mind, GM Thomas Dimitroff said over his cell, coming home from work Wednesday night.

To know that (position) is taken care of, and for us with a guy that’s not just an adept quarterback, but a guy who carries himself as we’d ideally want him to, it’s huge. He’s very smart and open-minded in taking on new challenges, new setups, new offensive coordinators, all of that.

It’s very settling for me. You have to consider where the Falcons were when they took Ryan—coming out of the Vick/dog-fighting situation, and looking to replace a wildly popular icon—to understand the scope of what Ryan has meant to the franchise.broncos_089_91bb5ff393b2e70b-180x180