Eagles’ Jay Ajayi sued for allegedly trashing mansion after Super Bowl

Jay Ajayi is being sued after the owner of a Los Angeles mansion claimed the Eagles running back trashed the house and shoved him, TMZ Sports reported.

Ajayi, 24, rented the house for five days in February right after the Eagles defeated the Patriots in the Super Bowl. He allegedly hosted three parties, despite the contract for the house saying no parties.

According to the home owner, he charged Ajayi $5,000 for each party he held and tacked on fees for damages to the house, which allegedly included scratched floors, a broken table and the “no smoking” rule being violated.

The owner claims Ajayi didn’t pay the fines and when he confronted Ajayi, the running back allegedly “pushed [him] on [his] chest in a menacing and threatening manner.”

Boston’s guards should amp up their off-the-bounce aggression. If they have to shake only one defender on a pick-and-roll (their own), they should tilt those defenders off balance before the screen — perhaps by faking toward it, and then darting the other way.

The Ravens will hold a press conference on Thursday to announce lower prices on concessions at M&T Bank Stadium. Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti suggested that such a move could be coming at his end-of-season press conference.

How much cheaper it will be to eat and drink at Ravens games remains to be seen, but it won’t be a great surprise if other teams choose a similar route given Atlanta’s successful foray into moderating prices inside the stadium.

The family gathered around Kirk. They watched basketball and talked to him. “It was probably his best day in the hospital, and we were able to talk and joke, and the NCAA tournament was on,” Kyle said. “It was a really important day for us.”

Doctors put Kirk at No. 1 in the Midwest on the liver transplant list, and a donor was soon found in Colorado. There was optimism that he would be OK.

“Just all these things were happening to where we all got to be together to where I thought, ‘Oh, this has to have a good ending,'” Klayton said.

The plan was for the liver to be flown to Iowa and for Kirk to undergo surgery on the morning of March 20.ravens_175

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