Why would teams collude against a player?

The reason they ask the questions to players interviewing is to see if the player is trust worthy or will leak the info. Teams are top secret when it comes to locker room talk. This is just a test to see if they can trust the player.

You can argue the right and wrong of this all day every day, but yes, they have a legitimate reason to ask.

Actually this is America. You should stand and be proud. In another country you would be booed possibly even attacked for doing such a thing. You wanna be an idiot you have to be prepared for all that comes with it.
Reid talent doesn’t outweigh his mouth or drama otherwise he would be signed already, let’s be real.

So Reid uses his first opportunity for a job to take his best shot at setting up the Bengals for a lawsuit. Nice. Mark my words, he will not get another invite!

Conduct detrimental to the team is stated pretty clearly in the rules. The reputation of the NFL has been tarnished whether one agrees with the protests or not. Alienating a significant percentage of the fan base is detrimental to the league no matter the cause.

I’m a pretty hard core liberal, but you have to have some common sense to these things. You don’t have to like something, and you may make a stand, but you better be willing to take those consequences. This player works for and represents the team he plays for, and the image that team wants to have, if he can’t fit that and the team feels its detrimental, I don’t see the leg to stand on. It is up to the fans to decide at that point if it still wants to support the product if they don’t like how the player is treated.

A bunch of whine bags. You have a job and like it or not as soon as you walk in that stadium you punched the time clock and you are on your Employers time and like any job, your Employer has rules to follow.

Wrong, this is about behaviors not beliefs. This is more like asking somebody if they are going to urinate on the Bible or if they’re going to have sex on the counter during working hours.rams_095

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