Did you all see the final numbers from last year? Were the NFL games down?

Of course they have a reason. Owners own their teams to make money, not to provide some free service to fans or free platform to activists. If a potential employee’s actions may hurt the ability to make money, they have a very good reason to ask if they intend to engage in that activity.

Wait what? Last time I checked when your employer has certain standards and rules that you are supposed to comply with you either do what’s asked of you or you’re out of a job. Players have no right to protest the anthem while they are at work and wearing the uniform of their teams owners. I was a firefighter for 21 years and we couldn’t use tobacco on or off the job or we would be fired, we also couldn’t drive a vehicle to the station that had ANY type of political candidate’s bumper sticker on it. You have every right to protest ON YOUR OWN TIME, but not while you are on the clock and being paid to do your job.

Even Reid himself suspects the anthem protests are the reason it’s taking him so long to find a new team.

“The notion that I can be a great signing for your team for cheap, not because of my skill set but because I’ve protested systemic oppression, is ludicrous. If you think is, then your mindset is part of the problem too,” Reid tweeted in March .

Reid also tweeted , “GMs aren’t the hold up broski. It’s ownership. People who know football know who can play. People who know me, know my character.”

It is obviously a very polarizing subject, but it is one that has clearly affected Kaepernick’s career as he never signed with a team last season.

That’s why current and former players who spoke to Bleacher Report said they aren’t buying the story Davis is selling in his video. They believe he did cheat. The supplement excuse isn’t new to them.rams_060

Stephen Ross says his comments were misconstrued

On Monday night, Dolphins owner Stephen Ross reportedly said that all of his ers will be standing for the anthem in 2018. On Tuesday, Ross has revisited the issue via a statement issued by the team.

It’s also clear that he realizes that his words have sparked renewed interest in a topic that had been dormant for months.

No trade can become official until the league year starts in a week, but trade agreements can be made, and the Rams have been active on the trade market. They’ve also traded for cornerback Marcus Peters from Kansas City, and they traded defensive end Robert Quinn to the Dolphins.

The 26-year-old Ogletree started every game except the Rams’ meaningless Week 17 game last season. But with a $7 million roster bonus coming up and a $3 million base salary, it’s not surprising the Rams wanted his $10 million cap hit off their books. Now the Giants will take that hit, and hope they’ve bolstered their defense.

Robert Kraft the Patriots fan didn’t appear to like the move of benching cornerback Malcolm Butler in Super Bowl LII. Robert Kraft the owner, however? He was all for it.

In speaking with reporters at the NFL Annual Meeting on Monday, Kraft explained why even though he didn’t necessarily enjoy seeing Butler on the sidelines while Nick Foles and the Philadelphia Eagles carved up New England’s secondary, he was all for the move because it was Bill Belichick’s idea.

We’d love for him to be able to hurt them on the run and to run. We’re not necessarily interested in increasing the number of runs. I think we’ve got a lot more options as far as how to get him on the run in the passing game, and giving him a better pocket and having better blocking. You might say protection, but the way to get that done is to be imaginative in the running game. Some of the college stuff needs to be thought about here. That’s a big part of the conversation that’s going on at the office.jets_116