Lack of agent may be hurting Lamar Jackson

Quarterback Lamar Jackson decided that he didn’t need an agent. Some teams may be wishing he’d made a different decision.

Via Albert Breer of, NFL Network’s Mike Mayock said during the coverage of the Louisville Pro Day workout that teams are having trouble setting up workouts and meetings with Jackson. If Jackson had an agent (more accurately, a good agent), inability to communicate, coordinate, etc. wouldn’t be an issue.

The biggest issue for the Lions in drafting Barkley is their place late in the first round; they have only six picks in the draft overall, with No. 51 up next. It will be interesting to see whether Quinn can make a bold move to get a transcendent player who fits their No. 1 need.

The Bucs said bye to Martin and re-signed Peyton Barber as their default No. 1 back. That puts them in play for Barkley, and they might not have to do anything but wait their turn in order to get him with QB-desperate teams ahead of them.

That’s the word from the New York Daily News, which reports that Beckham told two Rams players he wants in.

A key element of a Beckham trade would be an assurance to the team trading for him that he wants to go. Although Beckham can’t block a trade, he has made noises about holding out for a new contract, and any team trading for him would want either to work out a new contract, or at least for Beckham to vow that he’ll show up to work on the last year of his rookie contract while they continue to work toward an extension.

So what would it take for Beckham to become a Ram? It seems unlikely that the Rams would give up two first-round picks, as the Giants are reportedly demanding, but it’s possible they’d give up their first-round pick this year and something more. If Beckham wants to go, the Giants want to build for the future and the Rams want to put together a roster that can win the Super Bowl, that trade could make sense.bills_117

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