Chiefs’ Andy Reid would give up a toe for Super Bowl title

The sacrifices those in the NFL world make are by now well known. Long hours in the office or training room. No real time for the family. A very short break during the offseason. It’s one of the reasons they get paid the big bucks.

Having coached in the NFL for more than a quarter century, Kansas City Chiefs head man Andy Reid knows this full well. Though, he’s willing to take said sacrifice to a whole new level in order to win that elusive first Super Bowl title.

The 2017 Cowboys exist in that area in between — not bad enough to be a trainwreck, not good enough to make the playoffs. But this should work because of the polarizing nature of Big D. If you’re a Cowboys fan, you’ll love to see how the major dramas of the season — Zeke’s suspension, Dak’s growing pains, Dez’s rough Week 16 — played out behind the scenes. And if you’re a Cowboys hater Well, you get to see the Cowboys — pumped up as a Super Bowl contender entering 2017 — repeatedly shoot themselves in the foot en route to a dark January. Streaming schadenfreude, baby!

The Cowboys are like baseball’s Yankees in that way; a franchise with a huge fanbase and an even greater base of haters. This show should provide plenty of entertainment for both sides of the aisle. And Dez, make sure your helmet is on prior to all friendly headbutts.

All eight episodes of All or Nothing will be available for Prime members on April 27.

The Broncos might not even have a shot at the presumed top four quarterbacks in the draft. With the Browns owning the No. 1 and No. 4 selections, it’s possible a team could leap ahead of Elway to swipe a QB before Denver is on the clock. Elway also could be in a position where he needs to trade up one spot if his QB of choice is on the board at four and Cleveland is lining up a trade with another team — say the Buffalo Bills.

Elway also could sit tight and end up with his choice of the top-rated non-quarterback, be it running back Saquon Barkley, pass rusher Bradley Chubb, guard Quenton Nelson, etc.

Suh would’ve slotted into a defensive tackle role along a line that included Jordan and Sheldon Rankins. He instead joins that DPOY (Defensive Player of the Year), Aaron Donald, in an interior-line pairing that could quickly become the most-feared in the league. No skin off Jordan’s back.

I think we have a strong core, Jordan said on NFL Total Access…. Our line is stacked. We were just looking to be more stacked.

The offseason doesn’t end with free agency, of course. Jordan was asked by NFL Network’s Cole Wright to take off the pads and put on the GM hat as we near the draft.patriots_019-223x223

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